The Situational Kerrigan build (Momentum Haeun) by Haeun

The Situational Kerrigan build (Momentum Haeun)

By: Haeun
Last Updated: Dec 3, 2015
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Build: Late game

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Threats to Kerrigan with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Zagara As long as you have follow up from your teammate and you can land combo on her it will be easy target.
  No Threat
Kael'thas KT will be very easy target early game to mid game. but once he gets 16 with arcane barrier, make sure to bait out his barrier first and reengage with Ravage and Combo
Jaina Some what very similar to KT but be aware when you fail your combo against Jaina you can be in threat by her and her back ups.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Abathur The slug with the mines will be critical for kerrigan.
Zeratul In team fight, make sure to be aware where he is at. if he Void Prison your support out in team fight you will be targeted and get bursted out.
Illidan If illidan players know how to run illidan, it will be very hard to land combo against him. make sure you auto him a lot if he tries to dodge your combo.
Tassadar Pretty impossible to kill this guy. make sure to mind game him around a lot.
Sonya Sonya is like very hard counter to any melee assassins out there. make sure you don't always go full aggression when enemy team has Sonya.


Build: Early game

Level 1
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Level 7
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Level 13
Level 16
Level 20

About ME! Top

I am currently in Team Momentum. I play a lot of melee assassins and warriors in this team. Current hotslogs mmr i stay about 3800+ mmr.



Introduction Top

Hey! I am currently in Team Momentum and i introduce today's champion, Kerrigan. I feel like Kerrigan is one of the really strong hero if you can have
A. Support hero that follows you up
B. Know how to utilize combo.

In my opinion Kerrigan can have different play style with different builds with her early game kill potential or late game sustainable hero.

Kerrigan is very strong hero that can gank lanes that are over aggressive. when kerrigan is ready for gank any lane heroes like Zagara can't be aggressive due to her lack of escape abilities.

If she wants to have her gank successful, there are 2 things that needs to be done.
A. Let your teammate know that you are ganking that lane.
B. Make sure to land a combo for Kerrigan.

Here i mentioned a "combo" for Kerrigan. i will put more info about combo when we go in further.

Pros / Cons Top

● Lane pressure after gank is happened
● If you get a kill from gank, you have exp advantage
● Great gap closer with her Ravage
● Stays very aggressive in team fight with Maelstrom
● Synergies well with Uther and Tyrande with ganking lanes

● Your life can be depends on support heavily.
● You will be targeted a lot in team fights.
● If you miss combos during ganks. might put in you and your teammate in danger.
● People can dodge your combos.

Abilities Top

Auto Attack (A or Right click) - Lots of people might think that Kerrigan is really just strong in her combos only. but her auto attack is really strong! make sure to keep auto when you are already in front of enemy.

Ravage (Q) - What makes Kerrigan sustain or gap close to other enemy heroes.

Impaling Blades (W) - Kerrigan's stun. It is area of effect. and stun proc 1 sec after Kerrigan cast her spell

Primal Grasp (E) - Kerrigan's pull that makes her stun ( Impaling Blades) works

Assimilation (D) - Every time Kerrigan deals enemy hero, minions, or mercenaries with her spells or auto attack she gains 10% of that damage as a shield

What is Kerrigan's "Combo" Top

A combo for Kerrigan is basically by using her Impaling Blades and Primal Grasp you will land your stun on a single target or multiple target.

99% of the time when you play Kerrigan you wont be able to stun enemy heroes with just Impaling Blades

I will add on video's in the future but for now how it works is

you use Impaling Blades first and you use your Primal Grasp to make sure you pull enemy towards where your Impaling Blades casted.

Once i post video hope you guys can try it on try mode and practice it a bit and go try Kerrigan on hero league.

What is Early game Kerrigan and Late game Kerrigan?? Top

Early game Kerrigan is
â—† Very rely on your support
â—† Goes really well with early game heroes ( Jaina)
â—† You can press on advance to win early or mid game with early game advantage you have

Late game Kerrigan is
â—† Very sustain that your support don't really have to focus heal you all the time.
â—† Goes really well with late game heroes ( Kael'thas)
â—† You can hop on to multiple minions without wasting any mana

Level 1 Talents Top

Siphoning Impact - I would suggest this on "late game Kerrigan". Your Ravage skill already reset when you kill minions or enemy heroes or mercenaries with your Ravage. With 10% your maximum hp gain everytime you cast your Ravage it makes you great sustain.

Sharpened Blades - I would suggest this on "early game Kerrigan". with you already fully rely on your support you just go pretty much full glass cannon. even that 20% might feel little bit not worth having. but damage is damage it will stack on.

Energizing Grasp - Not really efficient either. Kerrigan's problem is mana problem. but if you can land your combos well then this shouldn't be issue at all. and plus the max mana you ill get refund is just another Primal Grasp mana

Block - I wouldn't really suggest it on Kerrigan at all. although they may have a lot of auto attack heroes, by having either sustain Siphoning Impact or go Sharpened Blades will be more effective.

Level 4 Talents Top

Fury of the Swarm - I wouldn't really suggest this at all. cleave does sounds juicy but your strength really comes from ganking and utilize combo. this talent will be more efficient if you are actually laning or try to stay in lane longer with your team after a gank.

Clean Kill - This is DEFINITELY requires for late game Kerrigan. with Siphoning Impact already heals you 10% your maximum hp you need this to keep your mana stays up with free 10% healing. at level 4 most of the time when you have this up you can just gank the lane and Ravage up last hitting minions.

Psionic Pulse - This is like one of the talent isn't really big. you may have the aura that deals damage around you but Envenom will be just better choice and damage single target

Envenom - This is your go to type for early game Kerrigan. Since you are already going glass cannon you really try to put as much as damage and kill that person fast so you can reengage after you healed up. Envenom might be nerfed but it still is strong.

Level 7 Talent Top

Battle Momentum - This is really your best talent out of your all choices. People might really disagree with what i think about this, but as i said earlier kerrigan's auto attack really does a lot for her even you don't land or you miss your combo you have your auto attack to make sure that enemy still takes damage while your spell is coming back quick and fast!

Impaling Swarm - This talent is very situational. but it is okay when enemy has Stitches if you can use this talent well and make sure that you don't get hooked by using zerglings then i am fine you taking this talent.

Adaptation - This talent is very half and half. but i wouldn't suggest this one. when you have your support ready up try to heal you and help you out. Adaptation is not needed.

Assimilation Mastery - Some people takes this for regen but if you already have double Ravage talent at level 1 and 4 you are not needed to have this at all.

Level 10 Talent (Heroic Talents) Top

Maelstrom - This is your Go to ult. it will be picked 99.9% of the time. just because kerrigan is really run within the comp most of the time. and you are making sure you gap close the enemy back line. Maelstrom will be strong against any back lines, making them retreat further to their tank lines.

Summon Ultralisk - I personally haven't been using this talent for such a long time. just because Maelstrom is so strong on kerrigan, this talent makes it really not great at the moment.

Level 13 Talent Top

Lingering Essence - This is really good for late game Kerrigan. when you constantly Ravage minions and auto minions towards late game, the shield duration will be from 6 seconds to 20 seconds. which makes her shield still effective even with staying around ready for team fight.

Eviscerate - This is really good for early game Kerrigan. 40% range increase basically makes you from i can fly to i can jet lee you right now.

Double Strike - This talent can be good if you can treat this as Follow Through but wouldn't really suggest it.

Queen's Rush - This talent is somewhat Sprint but the other talents out there is already good enough for Kerrigan.

Level 16 Talent Top

Aggressive Defense - This talent is another buff that is making Lingering Essence worth taking. really good for late game Kerrigan build. her shield will be enormous once you stack em fully!

Blade Torrent - The radius of your stun might sound juicy but if you can land your combos then it will be fine without it.

Essence for Essence - This item is somewhat really similar to Blood for Blood but instead of health gain Kerrigan gains with her shield. this is good for early game Kerrigan build. making her enemy takes 10% hp while she can still have breathing point to take one or two more spell in late game.

Overdrive - This talent can be good if Aggressive Defense and Essence for Essence wasn't there.

Level 20 Talent Top

Omegastorm - This talent is really good if your support doesn't have burst heal like Rehgar or Uther. Just by you standing around enemy auto attacking when you have Maelstrom up. you will constantly gain shields for your support to heal you constantly.

Torrasque - Since we don't take Summon Ultralisk no need to add on to this.

Nexus Blades - I did mention that Kerrigan auto is great. but no need to commit to Nexus Blades when you have choice of Omegastorm and Bolt of the Storm on the board.

Bolt of the Storm - This talent is mostly your go to after you use all your spell and you are critically damaged. you basically Bolt out and reengage when your spell is up or you are healed up by your support for bit.

What Synergize with Kerrigan well?? Top

Kerrigan early lane gank squad and late game team fight can synergy with a lot of heroes but i'll give you top 3 that can roam with kerrigan.

★★★★★ Uther - He already has follow up with stun and his heal to heal up Kerrigan. His Divine Shield makes Maelstrom Super effective on enemy backline.

★★★★☆ Jaina - She is just really strong mage that already been at top tier champion list for a long time. her spells will finish off once kerrigan lands her combo.

★★★★☆ Tyrande - She can mark the target and make sure to stun right after Kerrigan combos land. that will give your ally to follow up with their spell to finish the job.

Her Strength Maps Top

★★★★★ Tomb of the Spider Queen - this is like very very very good map for kerrigan. lots of chokes that she can make sure to land her combos. very small map

★★★★☆ Infernal Shrines - This map is really good for Late game Kerrigan build. just because there are those small minions on the shrine kerrigan can hop off finish with 2 autos on each minions.

★★★★☆ Haunted Mines - This small map is really good for Kerrigan only reason why this map didn't get 5 star is that map night be not played a lot. make sure to utilize your combo well even with 4-1 lane. (4 in one lane and 1 in the other lane)

★★★★☆ Dragon Shire - Very rotational map. you know once enemy hero wonders off that is a free kill for Kerrigan and her follow up heroes.

★★★☆☆ Sky Temple - Map is still great for kerrigan lots of chokes when there's temple's up enemy is pretty vulnerable to kerrigan's combo.

★★★☆☆ Cursed Hollow - Map is big but Kerrigan can still roam around with Uther, Jaina or Tyrande. Gank might feel longer than other maps so be patient with it! "WARNING" if they have abathur, make sure to watch your step during rotation.

★★★☆☆ Battlefield Of Eternity - Immmortal fights and the chokes will be your go to combo spots. make sure to watch minimap. once enemy is in aggressive position. you will punish them.

★★★☆☆ Garden of Terror = The seeds and bush around mercenaries will be your strength to surprise your enemy.

★★☆☆☆ Blackheart's Bay - not really played a lot in tournaments. but blackheart turn in spot will be the hot spot where you can kill your enemy. but make sure to try to catch them with your teammates in enemy mercenaries.

Playing Against Kerrigan Top

● Make sure to try walking in not same direction but different directions so enemy Kerrigan won't have easy time landing combo against you
● If enemy Kerrigan is very aggressive without help of her support, or follow ups from her teammate. punish her by using spells on her.
● If Kerrigan misses her combo you and your teammate can burst kerrigan before she can back up and reengage. or get heal from her support.
● Make sure that you constantly look at minimap where Kerrigan can be it. Staying really far from your defence will make you result in death.

What more will be added in future? Top

● Updates when there's new map.
● Updates when there's major change on Kerrigan
● Upload video for Kerrigan Combo.
● Different Heroes.

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