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Doctor's Orders

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Lt. Morales

Build: Intensive Medic

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Lt. Morales

Build: Safety First

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Lt. Morales

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Chapter 1. Medical School costs an arm and a leg Top

Look at me, soldier. I'm holding up a hand, how many fingers do you see? Don't worry about those scorch marks from that Kael'Thas over there, just tell me what you see. Oh wait, sorry, let me.. they make these power armor gloves thicker with each generation.. N-no, that blood's not yours. There! Ok, fingers, how many? Four? Well then, got some good news and bad news.
Good news is you're physically good as new. Bad news is that you've suffered psychological trauma from a Samuro. I approximate it'll take you at least three months before you've recovered.

There is no better hero in the game that can save an ally from death's door. Few can match her protection when her mates are being focus fired. If you've got a dangerous right-clicking assassin on your hands, you can enable them to do some truly jaw-dropping plays. There are few experiences as thrilling as getting your whole team onboard to go anywhere, even to a merc camp. When left to her own devices, Lt. Morales and her team is unbeatable. Come on, don't you want to live forever?

Chapter 2. College loans are outrageous, but your kidney will help Top

Caduceus Reactor

Passive: While channeling Healing Beam, Lt. Morales regenerates 2% of her maximum Health per second.

Lt. Morales does not have mana. Instead, her resource is energy. Her healing beam costs 6 energy/second when healing; all other abilities are free. When not healing any target, regenerate 6 energy/second after a 2 second delay.

Healing Beam

Active: [0 CD] Heal target ally for a moderate amount of Health per second as long as they are in range.

Reactivate to switch targets. Self-cast or activate your Trait to cancel the channel.

Additional Notes on Healing Beam


Active: [11s CD] Instantly grant target ally Hero 35 Armor for 3 seconds.

Additional Notes on Safeguard

Displacement Grenade

Active: [12s CD] Fire a grenade that can be manually detonated, dealing respectable damage to nearby enemies and knocking them away.

Additional Notes on Displacement Grenade

Stim Drone

Active: [70s CD] Grant an allied Hero 75% Attack Speed and 25% Movement Speed for 10 seconds.

Additional Notes on Stim Drone

Medivac Dropships

Active: [45s CD] Choose a destination whilst summoning and entering a Medivac Dropship at your feet. Allies can enter the Dropship as well. After 3 seconds have passed, you may re-activate the ability to launch toward your destination. Ship automatically launches after 10 seconds.

You also have access to the Reinforcements Dropship on your "1" key, sharing a cooldown with your ultimate. Set the destination of a Medivac Dropship to be at your feet, and summon it back at your base's fountain. It has the exact same properties as your Dropship.

The dropship has a healthbar. When destroyed, Morales and all allies within are ejected and stunned for 0.5s.

Additional Notes on Medivac Dropships

Chapter 3. Unpaid internship secured, time to bang the secretary Top

Remember your duties: Do no harm. Keep your friends alive. Crush all hope from your enemies. I have detailed below the full extent of your talent tree. Consider your tools carefully, Dr.

-- Show full analysis on all talents --

Chapter 4. Establish a clique with your problematic besties Top

Synergies and Counters

You love to see these people show up in your games. When drafting, I'm much more likely to pick Lt. Morales when seeing these faces. Whether it be synergizing the mobility, or leveraging maximum damage with your maximum defense. Many of these friendly faces will also keep you safe just by doing their jobs. Heck yeah!

>> Auto-Attackers

Sgt. Hammer
Lt. Morales works best with any assassin that can output sustained damage. Obviously there is Stim-Drone to uber buff auto-attackers to the stratosphere, making them the best damage dealers you can get. That's not something to overlook in the draft phase. But having any kind of reliable damage is an ease of mind. You can keep them alive through almost any kind of punishment, whilst their kit is specialized in maximizing damage! When you're doing your damnest to keep everyone breathing, you better have someone destroying the enemy team in the process.

>> Reliable Controllers

Tanks or anyone with a reliable form of CC makes it very easy to land a follow-up grenade. Landing a grenade that cleanly pushes someone into your team has a 99% lethality rate. Furthermore, the team simply benefits from having any form of CC. When you're in danger, you'll be thankful that you got someone else to easily bail you out.

>> Siegers

Sgt. Hammer
Most healers will run out of gas at some point, and the team must call off a siege. Lt. Morales has energy instead, and if you're judicial in its usage, you won't run out of steam. You can push 24/7 if given the chance. Furthermore, most sieging attempts force out "wall vs wall" positioning from both teams. The tanks are in the front and the squishies are behind them. This is PERFECT for your safety and ease to access someone being hurt. Hence, heroes that are better in 5 man sieges work wonders in destroying forts safely. Also, did I mention it really opens the gate to effective Medivac usage on the side? Push lane, Medivac out or to the next lane when you get outnumbered. Plus, most siegers have lower-than-average mobility, so a free ticket to cause chaos and jet is simply devious.

I think it is a fair addition to add a section dedicated to talking about Lt. Morales downfalls. Specifically, tactics to stop her and heroes that make her weep. All examples hereafter are anywhere from challenging to brutal in terms of how difficult the game can get for Lt. Morales. But remember, they are never unbeatable! Always change your behavior, tactics, and talents to accommodate your weaknesses.

>> Displacements

Anything that can shove back, knockback, isolate, etc. is impossible for Lt. Morales to deal with. She herself can get pushed into an enemy team, instantly folding under the pressure of a wrathful enemy team. Her patient that Morales is healing can get knocked away from her, disconnecting the healing beam. Going back to try to save her displaced mate can force her out of position, and can result in her own death.

How to beat as Lt. Morales: Positioning is even more important. NEVER disrespect a Garrosh or anyone that can fling you around. Always keep a respectable distance from them. Not having vision of your surroundings is lethal - treat every bush with caution. Shield Sequencer , Medi-drone , and Vanadium Plating are recommended picks -- if your teammate gets displaced, you can still apply the armor from a far range, and the Medi-drone can maintain a decent 75% heal. Furthermore, you can play further back and away from danger whilst still being useful!

>> Divers

Enemies that purposefully ignore your team and go as deep as possible to kill you are known as "divers." Catching sight of any of them when alone is a death sentence. When you're with your team though, lonesome divers will rarely succeed in killing you. The real terror comes from a coordinated strike where Lt. Morales gets CC'd during the diving process. At that point, you're a sitting duck and you cannot heal yourself due to a stun. Also, performing a flank that puts her team in an awkward teamfight formation is super effective. Morales will always be in range of at least one enemy in such an event; that puts stress on her and her movement. Besides, what if the flanker scores a kill on Morales?

How to beat as Lt. Morales: Always walk with a teammate. Always be standing at the back of the team. Think twice about rotating to a different part of the map - assassins are fond of sneak attacks. You want to stay a far distance back until the fight initiates. Then you should be safe to step up for a few seconds. Communicate with your team that the enemy is expending a lot of resources on killing you. They will either give you the protection you need, or avenge you after your death. Long range engages, like Tyrael and Illidan , are impossible to counter. Suit up with as many defensive talents as possible to make it hard to kill you. Trauma Trigger , Medi-Drone , Shield Sequencer , System Shock , and Hospice Care work wonders in keeping yourself alive. Run circles around your team to buy time!

>> Area Damage

There is no better single-target healer than Lt. Morales. There is no worse multi-target healer than Lt. Morales. She cannot armor up or heal everyone at once, so high damaging area abilities can still score kills or expend a LOT of her energy. Furthermore, Morales by design is tethered to her patient, and as such it's not hard to hit both at the same time.

How to beat as Lt. Morales: There is no easy solution. Remind your team not to clump too much, but whether or not they do is out of your hands. Be aware of your surroundings and which enemy you are near. Every heroes AoE is applied slightly differently, so give appropriate distance accordingly. Extended Care, Medi-Drone, and Cadecus Reactor are important. The additional free healing from Extended Care will save you a lot of energy when healing the whole team up. Plus, the increase in range makes it much easier to maintain the healing beam whilst staying away from explosions! Medi-drone is to splash healing to other targets, and your other talents will give you as much energy as possible.

>> Macro

Lt. Morales very existence encourages the act of "deathballing." Her team is incentivized to stay in the lane with the medic. This is amazing for sieging! Bad for overall map control, and sometimes objective taking. If you cannot beat the Lt. Morales, then you must win destroying every place that she is not. Splitpush lanes, take outlying forts, secure the mercenaries, leverage an XP advantage. Morales has no way to kill minions quickly, so she is 100% reliant on her team to do so.

How to beat as Lt. Morales: Simply put... team comp diff. Ideally every team should have one good macro hero to match the enemy's. If not, someone must be designated to gather XP and counter splitpushing. Superior tactics and planning ahead of time is necessary. You need to speak up for the team to get mercenaries of your own to apply map pressure. Most split pushers are quite predictable - lay an ambush for them. Also, please don't sit in one lane all game long. Your teammates are being polite by protecting you. Finally, Medivac Dropship is your only option to relieve this map pressure. Drop directly on the splitpusher or on his retreat path and obliterate him. Or, take out the splitpusher and return to the objective with the medivac instead.

Chapter 5. Authoring a 'Coping with a toxic workplace environment' survival book Top

Healing and priority

I'll go a little further in detail about how you should heal people.
  • Heal everyone's wounds when there is no fight happening. Pretty obvious.
  • Heal your teammate that is being targeted. Your massive single target healing will absolutely get your mate out of a bind. Generally, enemies will target the closest target or someone who is stunned.
  • When everyone is hurt, it is recommended you heal everyone to an even amount of health. If everyone's half health, bring them all to ~75%. This saves you legwork when they heal themselves up with abilities or Regeneration Globes, rather than bringing one person to full at a time.
  • Sometimes, I disobey the rule above in favor for healing a hero up so they can apply themselves. A Butcher at half health isn't nearly as confident as one at 100% health, wouldn't you agree? You want your mates to be healthy enough so that they can return to the fight with a good chance of living. Typically, the shorter the range a hero can use most of their abilities (and the squishier they are), the more healing they need so they can dive deep and do the real damage.


  • You'd be surprised how often simply knocking an enemy around can very quickly turn into a situation where your whole team jumps on them. If you see someone isolated and out of position, throw a grenade and shove them away from their route of escape/into your team. Your teammates will follow up. Furthermore, the simple act of being pushed back dazes a lot of people and puts a mental interruption to their escape plans. Don't give in to your thoughts that the grenade can't stop an enemy!
  • Your healing is great, stacking armor ontop is killer good, but peeling for your patient with a grenade is your best ticket out of jail. Pushing enemies 4 units away is enough to save a mate. Don't forget about it!
  • System shock at level 13 is a critical component to your kit. It's easy to forget about the talent in battle, so remember that using your grenade for the damage nullification is much better than waiting for a perfect knockback!

Lifeguard Tip!

When your teammate is in trouble and is running away, but you are running as fast as you can to get in range, your order of operations are: E >> W >> Q . Your E can go a considerable distance, but it's kind of slow. Get it flying ASAP. Then, use Safeguard because it's an instant cast and it has a slightly longer range than your healing beam. You may be able to prevent some crucial damage with the armor. Next, you're in range to start healing. Finally, the grenade you threw earlier should detonate right about now. This is the perfect combo to get your faraway mate out of dodge. If they were any bit closer throughout the combo sequence, then perhaps activate your healing beam, then slap on safeguard, and afterwards throw out your grenade and aim to push enemies back.

Chapter 6. How to escape to Amsterdam after a run-in with the Mafia Top

The importance of positioning

Listen up, recruit. There's going to be only so much joy you can have before the enemy team has to shut down your fun. An idea will wiggle itself into their brains - they'll come to realize that you are in fact the biggest problem in the known galaxy. NOTHING can die when you're around. What's a man and a solution? They're gonna kill ya. They're out to get ya.

Pop quiz - what's the best defense? Answer: Not being anywhere close to the danger to begin with. You can't be hurt if you do not allow a chance of being in risk. Although Morales can spec into some serious defensive talents, those have opportunity cost. You trade team-healing and benefits for your own safety. And even then - it's not ensured. All it takes for you to die is one stray stun, root, slow, any kind of CC. Then the next person chains it with another stun, and lo-and-behold all of China has descended upon you. Neither your entire team nor any talents you took can save you.

Anyways, that's why you must not even be in the danger zone to begin with. Yes, you should intentionally hide in the fog until you're certain you know where the assassins are. You can bet real money that they're waiting in the shadows looking for you. Yes, you need to respect the Diablo at a good range, even if he's being hurt. He will combo you into a wall as soon as you're close, and then someone else jumps in and you're BBQ. A Lt. Morales is MUCH more important target than a Valla, Jaina, or Raynor at the start of a fight. You're easy to kill, you don't have an escape, and you carry too much healing for your own good. You should treat your life and positioning as though you are the Queen -- the most important person.

Don't make my mistakes. Never ever lead the charge ahead of your frontline unless your enemies whereabouts are known/dead. Seriously, stop for a second and let your tank move ahead of you. You won't accomplish anything being first to make contact. You have a weak attack and a somewhat unreliable and weak CC grenade. There is no reason for you to poke your head out for a second. It would be a big shame if you were to die meaninglessly. Your team will instantly lose any fight.

In the heat of battle, it is easy to lose track of yourself. Lt. Morales's difficulty comes from multi-tasking. You're looking at your team's health, you're looking at the enemy team's activity, you're watching your back for threats, you're looking at your own feet if you're walking into enemy abilities, you're calculating what's the best time to swap healing targets, etc. There's a lot going on and you need to keep tabs on 10 people. Don't worry, this is the healer's lifestyle, but you CAN get used to it. Once you tether yourself to your patient, the healing will do its work automatically. You can then focus on something else, like moving to a better spot or aiming for a grenade.

The highest priority in the chaos is your own positioning. Positioning == Survivability == Healing. It is FORBIDDEN to put yourself in range of a dangerous enemy so you can dive deeper and heal your faraway ally. Disrespecting an enemy can immediately end your life. Of course, some enemies are incapable of harming you at range, especially when embroiled in the midst of a teamfight, but make a note of their behavior and if they're liable to go berserk on you. Always look to heal the most important ally in a fight that can be reached safely.

Despite what I say, positioning is not a set-in-stone rule. It is up to you and your conscious judgement to determine if it's worthwhile going lifeguard on someone. You must come to terms with the reality of being a first responder - not everyone can be saved. When the medic dies, everyone on the team will fall thereafter. Sometimes, you must recognize when someone is hopelessly doomed and run for your life. You won't be able to save them if you were to try, and you will be next on the chopping block as soon as they're done.

Lastly, let's talk about awareness. You want to be actively thinking your next move. If a teammate dies, 70% of the time it's because you weren't in range to heal them. What if you are aware your patient is in a forward and dangerous position, so you start to move closer just in case? Well, that may be the difference between living or dying. You change your position ahead of time before it is needed. That's how you always save lives.
Awareness also extends to the matter of your survival. Who is dangerous? Who can kill me if they catch me alone? Who can kill me despite being near my teammates? Does the CC these heroes have pose a threat to my life if I get caught? I don't see my killer, is he flanking? With these questions in mind, you will rank your foes by their lethality. You'll stay away from the dangerous guys, you'll be more audacious near the less dangerous ones. Being aware of the enemy can also give you opportunities. You know Muradin is a big problem - he can jump on you and punch you into the enemy team. But you just saw him jump onto someone else! That's 10 whole seconds where you don't have to be afraid of Muradin. Keep an eye out for enemies that have blown their ultimates and abilities because that's when you're safest. You actually get opportunities to go around and heal your mates.

Chapter 7. Contemplate your method of death after seeing your American Airlines flight delayed Top

I've got your attention. How to Dropship? Think of it as a reinforcement tool, transport, and tempo accelerator. The first two are pretty self explanatory, but what about that acceleration I mentioned? The real strength of Medivac is to double down or secure a bonus reward after a won fight. Heroes of the Storm is fundamentally a momentum based game. Sure, you won a skirmish, but can you achieve anything of use when your enemy is dead for 15 seconds? Maybe you secure a camp afterwards, or at worst nothing happens aside from XP gain. Real value comes from killing an out of position enemy and leveraging your numbers advantage to force a fight. This is most prevalent around mid and late game fights where a death will result in a 40-60 second death timer, and one team will have free reign to do what they please.

Bounce to the next
So, anyways, you win the fight and you get an allotted time to win harder. Guess where the majority of your team is? Probably all clumped together after a team fight (and you're with them). Where did you fight? Anywhere on the map. Where do you want to be, right now? That's right -- you want to destroy a fort for free. You want to secure the enemy camps. If objective wasn't taken yet, let's get it then. This is the bonafide, perfect scenario for Medivac. Even if an enemy team is down only one member for a few seconds, your entire team can instantly rotate to start taking another objective. This is why I mention that Medivac wins you "bonus" rewards. The most you'd get away with is one won objective. Medivac lets you get the first + transportation to get the 2nd. Being ahead in macro leads to having an XP + Talent advantage over your opponents. Being ahead in levels makes it easier to intimidate enemies into giving up forts and take more map control, gaining even more XP. It's a viscous feedback loop that I call the "suffocation."

Hey, is that a plane?
Shuttling to a destination based off a snapshot decision is rarely the best move for many reasons. Shuttle delay, team fumbles, team misses flight, etc. If your team is not aware of the medivac, you can lose 5-8 seconds sitting still + 3 seconds travel time. A team that is on the same page will immediately board and you'll be there in 4 seconds instead. So, I'll reiterate again, text or tell your team about your intentions beforehand. Remind them of the Medivac's existence since it is a rare ability. You won't always come up with a clear plan right away, but looking at the map frequently will start the thinking process earlier in your brain. When the fight is over, you'll come up with a plan A or B quickly enough.

With great power comes...
Please note that the Medivac is the definition of a team ability. Everyone will go where the pilot, you, decided on landing at. Putting yourself in charge of being the team's shotcaller is a responsibility. What if your macro knowledge isn't so good? It doesn't hurt to ask your teammates if anyone can act as leader. Follow up on his plans. Otherwise, here's some handy tips and you'll get better at it with time.
  • The objective just spawned across the map. Ferry your team over on time with the Medivac, or even sooner than the enemy team! This tactic is best done if you bring the majority of your team on the far side of the map (minimap objective hint helps a lot), lay siege to a fort, and then Medivac away to the objective moments before it activates. The enemy team cannot be on both sides of the map at the same time, or else they lose a fort or an objective.
  • If your team is late and can't take a Merc camp before objective spawns, you should ask your team to help you take the camp and Medivac over to the objective. You get a camp to pressure a sidelane + you're on time to the objective!
  • With numbers advantage, you can execute an ambitious plan in stealing the enemy camps, especially Bruiser/Hard camps. The Medivac isn't a stealth ship, but who cares? Being to the camp even 3 seconds sooner (worst case scenario, it's likely 6-8 seconds late) than the enemies with your entire team means it is DEAD and being CAPTURED. Then your whole team disengages or fights a 5v4 where you will likely win.
  • The enemy team also has the same idea of forcing a fight when they have numbers advantage. If you are embroiled in the middle of a big fight, always call in reinforcements for your soon-to-be-revived teammates. Healthy reinforcements will tip the scales and can dramatically boost your odds at winning the objective at hand. There's a reason why all heroes with global mobility spells are often banned. Superimposing global mobility in the form of a slightly delayed Medivac is strong enough!
  • After winning a decisive victory from a teamfight, you should immediately Medivac to a boss. It's a risky type of play, but the time you save with transportation will make it stress free. Afterwards, you can escort it to destroy a keep. Bonus points if 45 seconds elapse and Medivac comes off cooldown, allowing you to bail your team out to safety. Alert your boys to this retreat process, I often see someone move too far and dying before you Medivac out!
  • Speaking of this weasel type of strategy, Lt. Morales is one of the best healers to support a siege due to Medivac. Push a lane and do damage to the structures, and then just shuttle away to safety as soon as the enemy team shows up! Even better if you go to another lane rather than straight home. Even if you don't destroy the fort right away, chip damage is permanent. You waste enemy time and win map control every time you rotate.

EVAC! We need emergency EVAC!
If you are in serious deep trouble, try to Medivac yourself out into safety. Frankly, it has a 50/50 chance of failing. If an assassin, especially one that does lots of auto attacking, is killing you then expect the Medivac to go down. But if you're out of options, the Dropship is your last lifeline. Putting yourself in stasis for 3 seconds can still help the rest of your team do what they need to do.

Rainbow Six, execute.
Lt. Morales Medivacs unfortunately are... slightly infamous for a rather dishonorable tactic. Core banzai. The act of repeatedly shuttling your entire team to the Core and bring its health down every time. Then, on the next or third attempt, you can topple it and win the game. You will not hear it from me that I recommend this strategy. But it is best done with heroes that are best at destroying structures - Nazeebo, Raynor w/ Hyperion, Tyrael w/ Sanctification, Sgt. Hammer, Ragnaros, etc.

"See that hero? Let's take him out."
You may not think of it, but the Medivac can also serve as a very effective ganking tool to ambush a splitpusher, or someone minding his own business. Load up several people, then land in the path between him and his fort. It'll be a messy and swift kill, and then you can get on with your business laying siege to the fort. Furthermore, at level 20 with Safe Zone, you can be MUCH more brazen with this entrance. Dive deep onto a high priority target, or even into the midst of something important. Bosses, enemy sieges, objectives are all great places to land.

Warning: Multiple hostiles located near Landing Zone.
If you don't think about where the missing enemies are, you could very well deliver your entire team to a meat grinder. And then you'll get yelled at, rightfully. Transporting your team deep behind enemy lines with no room to maneuver or escape route can get you cornered fast. You'll suffer heavy AoE if the enemies are loaded up with it, and teamfight wide CC is also a problem.

Chapter 8. Retire in Singapore as underground legend Top

That's all folks! I'm TheFreind, and thanks for reading my Lt. Morales guide. I hope this has helped you in learning more about her, as well as offering some general knowledge. I had a lot of fun writing the titles of this guide, so I pray it wasn't confusing =]

Psst, I got some more guides. You can go figure out what I have in stock for 'em.

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