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Basic Attack [+]

Auto Attack. Right click to win!

Flight [+]

Mount Cooldown: 75s

Instead of mounting, Falstad can fly a great distance over terrain.

Hammerang Q [+]

Mana: 60 Cooldown: 10s

Throw out a Hammer that returns to Falstad, dealing 121 (+4% per level) damage and slowing enemies by 25% for 2 seconds.

Lightning Rod W [+]

Mana: 60 Cooldown: 13s

Deal 107 (+4% per level) damage to an enemy, and an additional 75 (+4% per level) damage per second for 4 seconds while close to the target.

Barrel Roll E [+]

Mana: 70 Cooldown: 13s

Dashes forward and grants a 171 (+4% per level) point Shield for 3 seconds.

Hinterland Blast R [+]

Mana: 80 Cooldown: 120s

Heroic Ability

After 1 second, deal 475 (+4.8% per level) damage to enemies within a long line. The cooldown is reduced by 30 seconds for every enemy Hero hit.

Mighty Gust R [+]

Mana: 70 Cooldown: 60s

Heroic Ability

Push enemies away, and slow their Movement Speed by 40% decaying over 4 seconds.

Tailwind [+]

Trait Cooldown: 6s

Gain 15% increased Movement Speed after not taking damage for 6 seconds.


Wingman [+]

No Cost

Lowers the cooldown of Lightning Rod by 3 seconds. Enemy Minions killed near Falstad grant a stack of Bribe. Falstad can use 20 stacks to bribe a Mercenary, instantly defeating them and permanently increasing the damage of Lightning Rod by 5%. Does not work on Bosses. Maximum of 80 stacks.

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