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Basic Attack [+]

Auto Attack. Right click to win!

Worker Rush [+]

Mount Cooldown: 30s

Activate to gain an additional 60% Movement Speed for 5 seconds. Taking damage ends this effect early. Worker Rush is always active while at the Hall of Storms.

Passive: Probius moves 10% faster by hovering over the ground.

Disruption Pulse Q [+]

Mana: 75 Cooldown: 3s

Fire a burst of energy forward, dealing 142 (+5% per level) damage to all enemies it passes through.

Hitting the center of a Warp Rift will cause it to explode, dealing additional damage.


Warp Rift W [+]

Mana: 150 Charge Cooldown: 6s

Open an unstable Warp Rift at a location that takes 1.25 seconds to arm, which then slows nearby enemies by 25% lasting 3 seconds.

Armed Warp Rifts explode when hit by Disruption Pulse, dealing 261 (+5% per level) damage to nearby enemies.

Stores up to 2 charges.

Warp Rifts explode on expiration.

Photon Cannon E [+]

No Cost Cooldown: 15s

Warp in a Photon Cannon that deals 105 (+4% per level) damage per second. Lasts for 13 seconds.

While in a Pylon's Power Field, gain 40% attack speed over 4 seconds and reveal nearby enemies.

Pylon Overcharge R [+]

Mana: 100 Cooldown: 80s

Heroic Ability

Increase the size of Pylon power fields and allow them to attack enemies within it for 96 (+4% per level) damage per second. Lasts 8 seconds. Can only target enemy Heroes. Pylons are Invulnerable for the duration.

Null Gate R [+]

Mana: 100 Cooldown: 25s

Heroic Ability

Vector Targeting
Project a barrier of negative energy in the target direction that lasts 4 seconds. Enemies who touch the barrier take 19 (+4% per level) damage per second and are slowed by 80% for as long as they remain in contact with it.

Warp In Pylon [+]

Trait Cooldown: 14s

Warp in a Pylon that generates a Power Field and grants vision of the surrounding area. Probius only regenerates mana while inside a Power Field.

Up to 2 Pylons can be active at a time.

Enemy Heroes and Minions drop Minerals on death. Gather Minerals to reduce Warp In Pylon’s cooldown by .75 seconds.


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