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Basic Attack [+]

Auto Attack. Right click to win!

Bone Armor 1 [+]

No Cost Cooldown: 30s

Activate to gain a Shield equal to 25% of Xul's maximum Health for 3 seconds.

Spectral Scythe Q [+]

Mana: 55 Cooldown: 8s

Summon a scythe that travels to Xul after 1 second, dealing 190 (+4% per level) damage to enemies. Hitting enemy Heroes spawns a Skeletal Warrior

Cursed Strikes W [+]

Mana: 50 Cooldown: 16s

Xul's Basic Attacks deal damage in a wide area and reduce the Attack Speed of Heroes and Summons by 40% for 2 seconds. Lasts 4 seconds once triggered.

Bone Prison E [+]

Mana: 80 Cooldown: 10s

After a 2 second delay, deal 70 (+4% per level) damage and Root the target enemy Hero for 1.75 seconds. All nearby Skeletal Warriors will fixate on the target for their duration.

Skeletal Mages R [+]

Mana: 80 Cooldown: 90s

Heroic Ability

Vector Targeting
Summon 4 Frost Mages in a line that attack nearby enemies for 47 (+4% per level) damage a second and Slow them by 30% for 2 seconds. Last up to 15 seconds.

Poison Nova R [+]

Mana: 100 Cooldown: 90s

Heroic Ability

After 0.5 seconds, release poisonous missiles that deal 570 (+4% per level) damage to all enemies hit over 10 seconds.

Raise Skeleton [+]


When a nearby enemy Minion dies, it becomes a Skeletal Warrior with 240 (+4% per level) Health that attacks for 21 (+4% per level) damage and last up to 12 seconds. Up to 3 Skeletal Warriors can be active at once. Skeletal Warriors explode, dealing 40 damage to nearby enemies when they die.


Bone Spear [+]

No Cost Cooldown: 12s

Deal 230 (+4% per level) damage to enemies in a line.

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